What 2 Log

What 2 Log was a project made to fill a noticeable gap in computer security notation. There had not been a centralized resource of what and how to understand the logs of the major operating systems that are used everyday. What 2 Log was made to fill that exact gap.


Logging is essential in computer security. Computer logs can tell someone everything they need to know about what happened on a particular machine at a particular time. Events can be strung together to create a timeline of several events that happened during a time period.

Logging is generally seen as boring and as a time sink for analysts, but we believe it can be a much easier and more interesting process. Logs contain key information about what happened on a system and are vital, especially in the aftermath of an attack. Learning to better utilize a computers built in logs can allow for a better understanding of an attack as well aside a better understanding of the computers functions.


What 2 Log is a project of InfoSec Innovations.