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What2Log Update: Alder

What2Log's newest update and the changes it brings!

What2Log has now been live for a number of months and it is finally time to introduce our next version. We always intended to keep W2L as transparent as possible, and in line with that, this will serve as a "changelog" detailing the new features.


The biggest new feature is Sawmill. This was something that we have been working on for months and had always intended to have early on in W2L's life, so to see it in production is refreshing. Sawmill is a "shopping cart" for commands so you can build an easy to run script for logging. Just select what you want and we do the heavy lifting behind the scenes and you get a script for just what you need. We plan to expand this feature further to make it work a bit more seamlessly and add new features in the future.

Quality of Life

I'll admit, I'm not perfect. This update includes a slew of formatting and spelling fixes across the site. One honorable mention in this category is parentheses, which are now no longer formatted and should appear as " instead of ". This was particularly important as they appear frequently in our commands. Hopefully things make a bit more sense now!

Splitting Logs

We also split a few logs up so that there is now only one log per page. This in particular applies to Group Membership change (now Member Added to Group and Member Removed from Group) and WiFi Connection (now WiFi Connection and WiFi Disconnection).

WiFi Connection Logs

We have figured out a way to make this log command line compatible! We now have a way to view the log of a WiFi connection or disconnection from the command line.

Logging Levels

We changed a few logs around, too. Failed user login is now a Minimum level log as we think it is a really important event to be on the lookout for. We also bumped Software Updated down to Ideal level, as this is less likely to be an indicator of attack, but is still a useful log.

We hope you enjoy these new changes to What2Log as much as we do!2