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What2Log Update: Aspen

A full write up of the changes that What2Log version Aspen brings!

What2Log is a constantly changing site and we are excited to bring out new changes and features to the site. Sometimes these are major changes, like this update!


The biggest change you will notice to the site is the change of the sitemap. We have split the site into subdirectories based off of each Operating System. This is more of a planning move for the future and will allow us to add even more logs and log sources while keeping the experience streamlined. Navigation between these is seamless and fast and allows for the Log Pile to only show relevant logs to the OS you are interested in.

Searching and Tagging

Another big and important change this version is the addition of the search feature. You will notice the new search bar when you are in a subdirectory and it will only return results from that subdirectory. This feature should make finding specific content even more useful. We have also added tags to each log and you can search and sort by tags to group logs by type. This whole feature should make the site more helpful for a user and allow for better utilization.

Windows Firewall

Under the Windows section, you will notice we have added a bunch of new logs! We are getting started on adding Windows Firewall logs, starting with those that are outlined in Microsoft's Appendix L.

Quality of Life and Bug Fixes

This wouldn't be a proper release without bug fixes. We have fixed scaling issues with the site and it's now even mobile friendly! You can now view What2Log on the go from a mobile device if you are so inclined. There have also been fixes to some bugs in the Log Pile that resulted in errors generating scripts. You should no longer receive the "Undefined" issue.

We hope you enjoy these new changes to What2Log as much as we do! These particular changes have been in progress for a while and we are so excited to see them come to light. If you do run into issues, please either submit them on the Github or reach out to us on [Twitter] (!